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Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Ready to book? Contact us and we'll be happy to talk with you in detail.

We’re a charity. Why is there a cost to us for a benefit cabaret?

Just like your business, we have expenses. We need to maintain our music license, pay our performers and musicians, keep up our audio and lighting equipment, operate our Web site, buy sheet music and props, publicize our events and run a 24/7 box office. These are just a few of the expenses a professional production company incurs. While we do charge a production fee for a benefit show, our profit-margin is minimal.

The advantage is that your production fee covers performers, musicians, music rights, etc. If you tried to procure these things on your own, you would spend more and/or end up with lower quality.

Other than ticket sales, how do we offset costs and make money?

Two words: Captive audience. Once you have a group of supporters and potential donors in a theater for a benefit cabaret, you have the opportunity to make more money for your organization. We recommend a basket raffle, silent auction or both before the show and during intermission. We’ll even announce the winners before we begin act II of the show.

Selling donated refreshments before the show and during intermission is another way to make a few dollars on the audience. Also, we have nearly a decade of experience in making pleas for donations from the stage. We will tug at the audience’s heart strings, so have a development person on hand.

Finally, garnering support from local businesses is key. We’ll help you create a sponsorship package and you keep all the revenue.

We know piano players and our board president’s nephew is good with a camera. Can we use them instead of your professional staff?

Remember, you hired a professional theatrical production company for a reason. We contract with only the best, most experienced people who know exactly how to do things specifically for a cabaret production. That’s what we’re here for.

What does it mean when you say you are licensed by ASCAP?

In order to perform live music (or even play recordings) at a public event, one must have rights to use that music. To do so without rights is a violation of federal copyright regulations and subject to severe penalties. This is applicable to any group, for profit or nonprofit, and any public performance. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers licenses us and thousands of other performers and venues for live performance. With this license, everything is on the up-and-up.

Can we video the show and sell the recordings?

No. Our music licensing does not cover the sale of recordings of any kind. This, too, would be a violation of federal copyright regulations and, as ASCAP-licensed performers, we are obligated to report any such violations.

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