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Carbondale natives, John Baldino and Erin Canedy lead a stellar cast “God on Broadway: An Evening of Almighty Music and Laughs.”


"The Great White Way has given us so many shows inspired by religion and faith. As people of faith, Erin and I want to highlight some of those shows in our newest cabaret," says Baldino, Managing Director and Executive Producer. "It’s not a preachy show and it’s not a gospel concert. It’s a musical cabaret featuring songs from faith-inspired shows, and some songs that take a light-hearted look at religion. It’s important not to take ourselves too seriously, so there will be a lot of laughs."


The cabaret will contain songs from familiar favorites and even a few parodies.


"We’re really excited to examine this aspect of musical theater," remarks Canedy, Artistic Director and Producer. "It’s something that hasn’t been done in our region and there is a huge audience for it."



"God on Broadway"

A Cabaret of Almighty Music and Laughs

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