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Our Cabaret Welcomes Wilkes University Intern

SCRANTON, Pa. - Jordyn Williams, a senior theater and English major at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, will join Our Cabaret Productions this fall as the company's first collegiate intern. A native of Hawley, Williams has been studying theater, English, music, and dance at Wilkes and has extensive experience in the performing arts. She will work in all aspects of Our Cabaret's operations including administration, lighting and sound, performance, and marketing.

"Inspiring young talent is something we always aim to do," remarks John Baldino, general manager of Our Cabaret Productions. "Jordyn is someone who will also bring inspiration to us. She will add a new dynamic to our ensemble while she learns valuable lessons about the reality of running a professional theater company."

Look for Jordyn on and off stage this fall. Stay up to date online all the time at

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