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The Most Experienced Producer and Director in the Convent

John Baldino
Producer / "Sr. Mary Hubert"
Rob Misko
Director / "Sr. Mary Regina"
  • Involved in Nunsense productions since 1992

  • Played “Sr. Mary Hubert” in over 100 performances

  • Produced, directed and performed in NEPA and New York City

  • Does marketing work for a community of Religious Sisters

  • Member of the Secular Franciscan Order

  • First to direct Nunsense, Nunsense A-Men and Nuncrakcers outside
    the original off-Broadway production

  • Worked with Nunsense creator, Dan Goggin

  • Appeared on stage during the Nunsense 25th Anniversary National Tour

  • Played “Sr. Mary Regina” in over 100 performances

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