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John & Erin Cabaret Productions Announces Fall and Christmas Casting

John & Erin Cabaret Productions has finalized casting of two cabaret shows this fall in Carbondale and Scranton, and the annual Christmas cabaret in Carbondale. All three shows will star company owners/managers John Baldino and Erin Canedy.

In addition to the duo, "Tunes From the Tube" will feature Jonathan Alunni, Ashley DeFlice and Miranda Micciche on September 12 in Carbondale.

"Life is a Cabaret" will play as part of the innaugural Scranton Fringe Festival on October 3 and 4, and will feature Alunni and Micciche.

This Christmas, the company celebrates the season with "Christmas the Cabaret Way," which will feature Alluni, Micciche and company co-founder Courtney Rosenkrans.

Details and ticketes to all show are available at

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